Whinging About Stuff is the mediocre blog of some 23-year-old nerd living in Brisbane that doesn’t have a real job, and has resorted to blogging, because why not at this point?

Hi, I’m Sam Jones, and I am the aforementioned nerd. Here at Whinging About Stuff, I firmly believe that the key to enjoying the things you love most in life is to complain about them, which is why this blog will hopefully become a trusted source for reviews, feature articles, and just general ramblings about my three (legal) passions in life: video games, movies, and of course, wrestling. I’ll generally try to update fairly regularly, at least two or three times a week, but that will generally depend on the nature of the content I’m trying to upload. Finally, at this stage, Whinging About Stuff is a bit of a work-in-progress, so just keep that mind if things look a bit sketchy/shite for a little while.

Anyway, you’re probably sick of reading what I’m writing now, so please, go forth and enjoy reading all the stuff I’ve written!








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