Hey you…yes you!

Is your entire identity based on a deep-seated insecurity about your self-worth that you’ve tied entirely into sex?

Baffled why no-one ever wants to be around you even though you go out of your way to repulse people and treat them like shit?

Desperate to avoid any actual self-reflection or introspection and just want to scapegoat other people for your own problems?

Well then, do we here at Whinging ‘Bout Stuff have the solution (or lack thereof) for you!

Introducing being an Incel! Short for “involuntary celibacy”, becoming an “incel” is perfect for people with completely unearned persecution complexes but without a flimsy excuse for self-absolution! Try a free rest-of-your-life trial today!

Warning: Side effects include- nausea, vomiting, diahorrea, an inability to shower, demeaning and dehumanising women then being baffled by their unwillingness to touch you, calling people “normies” un-ironically, wanting to put dog brains in people’s bodies and other similar mad science nonsense, ruining reddit, and scabies.

This week, Henny G and the Jonesy Bunch talk about Baby Driver, Paladins, Betting on Zero and a bunch of other stuff too- and Jones regales us with his watching of Castlevania and goes completely bananas for no real reason at all.


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