The only one who’s “out” here is you, Sam.

Out of your mind if you think anyone’s gonna listen to this cr- oh geez, I’m bad at this, aren’t I?

Here’s the link to the video we talk about in relation to “Bathos”- “What Writers Can Learn from Wonder Woman” by channel Just Write:

This week on Regurgitator, your friendly neighbourhood shit lords tackle the legacy of the Web-Head on the silver screen- from Sam Raimi all the way to a Peter Parker who actually looks like a high-schooler!

And, oh yeah, I guess there’s another fucking terrible on in-between there but we don’t talk about that one.

QUICK NOTE: So during this show, I (being Sam, not Henry, who is not a dumb boy like me) complained a fair bit about Mac Gargan being wasted and thrown under the bus for a cheap reference in Spider-Man Homecoming. He apparently makes an appearance in a post-credits scene and is thus, in fact, under no buses. So yeah, I guess just disregard that particular unfounded ramble with my apologies.


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