Otherwise known as “Lurking in Poorly-Lit Rooms with Strangers”. Livin’ the dream man…livin’ the dream #Bless

NOW WITH TIME STAMPS! Skip straight to your own preference of whinging!

00:00:00-00:21:18- Discussion about The Room
00:22:00-00:38:13- John Wick 2: Electric Boogaloo
00:38:15-01:18:16- Alien Cubbyant review
01:18:22-01:26:50- TV Wot We Done Watched (Handmaid’s Tale, American Gods, Samurai Jack)
01:26:52-01:40:11- Henry Talks About Injustice (and I briefly mention Type:Rider)
01:40:23-01:49:33- Prey Time beybeeeeee!
01:49:41-01:56:25-A bit of random waffling about The Mummy and Wonder Woman

Check out Henry’s blog, Obsessive Media Disorder: henrygimpel.wordpress.com/

Someone’s favourite whiny internet nerds return with another weak-ass edition of Whinging Aloud that runs a gamut of movies, TV, and vidya gaemz great and small…and not so great.


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