The only podcast on the Internet guaranteed to not be detrimental to your health!*

Check out Henry’s sick-nasty blog Obsessive Media Disorder at:

This week on Whinging Aloud, Henry and I assault your ears with delicious hot-takes on trailers, movies, and of course, the ever-delightful world of frustratingly over-blown video game outrage “controversies”. The fun never stops!

Also, I bitch about Flat Earthers for a bit in the middle, because why not?


*Results may vary, see in store for details, wait, what? The fuck are you talking about, we don’t have a store we do now what is happening this my blog now human oh God the machines are taking over someone help there is no help for you waste of organic material noooooooooooooooo this is only the beginning first this shitty blog then the world mwahahahahahahaha

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