Okay, so obviously I’m well aware of the fact there’s currently no reviews on this blog to have a word about, so to speak, but I figured that there being no reviews up as of yet makes it the perfect time to explain how I intend to write reviews generally.

As a general rule, most of the reviews you will see on here won’t usually be more than 500 words long: since as I understand it, most of you out there have real jobs and likely don’t have time to waste reading 10,000 word reviews or the like, brevity in offering an educated opinion on whether something is worth your time or not would likely be appreciated. I’ll also generally try to avoid spoilers and keep things at a broad level, so don’t expect any really in-depth analysis or critique (I’ll save that for features), rather just general observations.

The other important note about my plan for reviews is that I’m not going to use any kind of scoring systems, like stars, percentages, out of 10 etc. Rather I’m just gonna either recommend it or not, and provide a brief qualifying statement on why I would recommend it or not. Why go in this direction, you might ask? Well really, its because I find review scoring systems to be kinda a reductive method in terms of determining the inherent value or worth of any kind of work, whether that be a game, a book, a film, or anything else. They also tend to draw people away from actually reading a review, and instead just go straight to the score, which does the review itself a disservice as well. “But Sam!” you may ask, “Isn’t only either recommending something or not recommending something even more reductive as a metric of quality?” Well, yeah, kind of, but you might find with the more reviews I write, the more I’ll tend to recommend or not recommend things based on more than “its’s good”, or “it’s bad”, and that’s the difference in the nuance that avoiding just attaching a score will hopefully provide.

Anyway, that’s enough for now about reviews. I’m gonna actually put some reviews up as well soon enough, so stay tuned for that. And in the meantime…I dunno, go do something. Or don’t, whatever, I’m not your boss. Unless I am, in which case…you’re fired?





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